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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


Who should I contact if I know someone who wants to become a member of Friendly Park?

Contact any board member, but the best person to contact is the current board member in charge of new membership.

Do I get a “finder’s fee” if I refer a new member and they join?
When a new membership is paid in full, the finder will receive a finder’s fee check for $150.

How are the annual membership dues determined?
The Board of Directors determines dues annually. The amount set is each membership’s share of covering the cost of operations of Friendly Park.

When are the annual membership fees due?
May 1.

What happens if I pay my membership dues after the due date?
Dues postmarked or received after May 1, but by May 15 are assessed a $25 late fee. Dues postmarked or received on or after May 16 are assessed a $50 late fee. Late fees should be paid with the dues. Late fees not paid by the end of the season are deducted from the member’s stock. Members who have not paid their dues, including any late fees, by the time the pool opens will not be allowed to use the facility.

What happens if a check or bank draft I submit to Friendly Park, Inc. is returned for insufficient funds?
In the event of a returned check or bank draft, Friendly Park, Inc. is charged a fee by the bank. In addition to resubmitting the check or bank draft for payment, or contacting you for a new payment, you will be assessed  $15 to cover the charges against  our account. This $15 is separate from any fees that your bank may charge you.  

What do I do if I no longer wish to be a member of Friendly Park Pool?
A written letter of intent to sell your membership must be received by the Board of Directors Membership Chair by May 1. E-mail notifications are acceptable. If your notification is received after May 1, it will not be considered for the current season, and you will be responsible for your annual dues and any applicable late fees. However, your name will be placed on a list of members who wish to sell their memberships.

Who is eligible for Senior Membership?
There are senior memberships available at Friendly Park. Individuals or couples who have been members of Friendly Park for at least  10 years and who are at least fifty five years of age are eligible for a senior membership. In the case of couples, one member of the couple must be at least fifty five years old. Dependents of senior members are not included on senior memberships.

What happens on Friendly Park work days?
Every spring, Friendly Park has work days when members come to the pool and help get it ready for the coming season. On Clean-up Day, chairs, tables and changing rooms are scrubbed, the pool deck is cleaned, and the grounds are cleared of any remaining leaves, branches, and other fall and winter leftovers. On Beautification Day, the gardens and pots around the pool are planted, the beds are mulched, and final touches are made for opening day.

Do I get paid if I come to a work day?
Members who help on a work days receive a $30 rebate for their efforts. Rebates are limited to one rebate per household per work day. Rebates may be received in the form of a check or as a concession stand credit.

Who runs Friendly Park?
A volunteer Board of Directors is elected at the end of the summer by the members of Friendly Park. The slate of officers comes directly from current members. This board serves for one year. The Board directs the administration and maintenance of the facilities. Decisions are made with input from the Pool Manager and the members of Friendly Park. The day to day operation of Friendly Park is supervised by the Pool Manager, Erin Harris.

Where can I learn more about the rules, regulations, and administration of Friendly Park?
The By-Laws of Friendly Park, Inc. are posted on the Friendly Park website. They are also included in the Friendly Park membership directory. Additional copies of the By-Laws are available upon request at the pool. Rules and regulations governing day-to-day pool activities are printed in the membership directory.

How do I sign my kids up for the tennis or swim programs, or for swimming lessons?
Contact Erin Harris (pool manager) for any overall questions you may have regarding signup for Swim Team, Swim Lessons and Tennis Programs.  Additionally for Swim Team questions, you may contact our Swim Team Representative - Neal Mitchell.  For questions about Tennis Interclub, tennis clinics, or tennis lessons see our Tennis Pro -Kelly Parker or Tennis Representative.

Can a Guest participate in swim team activities, swim lessons, tennis interclub play, or tennis clinics?
No, only pool members may participate in these activities.

Who should I contact if I have a question not included on this list?
You may contact Erin Harris (Pool Manager), or any member currently serving on the Board of Directors..  See our Web Site  ( for contract information for the Pool Manager and Board of Directors.